What Is Good Food?

Good Food Is....

Just, Fair & Equal

Easy access to good food is a matter of fairness, equity and social justice.

Community Based

We work in and with the community for community-led economic and social development.

Culturally Grounded

 Food connects to who we are — our culture, our community, our heritage — and to one another.

Health & Medicine

Food is a foundational part of our health and well being as a society.

Be a part of the movement.

We join together—with a sense of urgency—to raise community voice and support one another in the belief that each and every person in Hawaii can share in healthy, locally produced food.


Supporting and expanding the production of good food and the farmers that produce it.


Providing education and access that encourages all residents, regardless of income, to consume good food.


Ensuring equitable and efficient distribution of good food to meet community needs and economies.

Creating A Land Of Abundance

We join together to create a future of abundance for Hawaii. Through continued community support and collaboration we are creating a future Hawaii that is sustainable for generations to come.